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Kristin Davis in nude glamour photos

Monday, October 13th, 2008

The sizzling-hot and gorgeous Charlotte York is back!  This time she’s at home in sexy but classy naked glamour pictures!  Damn, Kristin Davis continues to be as hot as when she was a young woman, maybe even hotter.  She’s proof that women become better with age!  The often used but seldom proven statement “life begins at forty” is embodied by this gorgeous celebrity.

With the worldwide success of “Sex and the City: The Movie”, the prettiest and naïve woman in the foursome became thrust in to the spotlight once again.  Although Kristin has no other blockbuster project on her resume, she is easily one of the most searched actresses among the foursome.  With her classy good looks and onscreen charm, Kristin is definitely a hot commodity right now.  Sarah Jessica Parker is a superstar, that’s given.  But Kristin is well on her way if not already there!  With a huge fan base all over the world because of Sex and the City, she has assured herself of fame and popularity for years to come.

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Kristin Davis takes it all off with her collection of naked pictures

Thursday, August 14th, 2008

She may be this sort of naïve woman that you get to see often on Sex and the City as she plays the character of Charlotte York but in real life, Kristin Davis isn’t that naïve at all and we were surprised to learn that she can be as hot and fiery as Samantha Jones (played by Kim Cattrall) when it comes to taking off her clothes and posing for the camera. There is a huge treasure trove of images featuring one naked Kristin Davis getting into an array of provocative poses and we have collected each and every one of them for you to see and feast your eyes on with one very different Kristin that no one else ever knew.

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