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September 13th, 2016 by J

Just like many celebrities who we think are all perfect and happy but have actually came from a broken family, which at times has a lasting bad impact on their upbringing, recovering alcoholic Kristin Davis is not keeping her story a secret. She’s not particularly proud of her addiction but she assures anyone who ask her about it that she has done nothing life-threatening  of any sort when she’s under the influence of her bad habit. The effects are actually the opposite as she gets to focus more on her lines and she could feel more these emotions she needed for a certain role when she had a drink or two before diving into the scene. She says she turns ugly into something productive instead of falling back to ways which could just ruin her life. But this didn’t stop her from doing something risky though. Risky yet fun, she added, when she was interviewed about this hot leaked video of hers, showing what she likes doing on her free time.

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Exposing those juicy round tits as she strips naked and spreads her legs. She’s having one hell of a kinky time masturbating that she swears the ecstasy she feels when cumming takes all her worries away even for a few hours or maybe a day. Best thing about making this hot and naughty clip is that she’s 100% aware of what she’s doing and pretty sober. So you can be assured that she would be glad when random people sees her in her naked glory, playing with her wet cunt and just enjoying her freedom. She’s not with a partner but did adopt a kid, so there’s no limit to what she wanted to do which fuels her passion to just be herself off and on cam.

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April 19th, 2016 by J

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Just like most of the Hollywood celebrities, Kristin Davis is no stranger to the world of porn. At some point in their lives, they’ve tried the industry and some stayed in it for good. Few years younger in this video, feisty Davis auditioned for a part in a porn flick and got it a few minutes after sucking her interviewer’s cock dry and letting him plow her tight ass with that thick shaft until he cums inside her. Dude was impressed and did their orientation right away in a bubble bath with a still stiff dick between his legs.

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The sizzling-hot and gorgeous Charlotte York is back!  This time she’s at home in sexy but classy naked glamour pictures!  Damn, Kristin Davis continues to be as hot as when she was a young woman, maybe even hotter.  She’s proof that women become better with age!  The often used but seldom proven statement “life begins at forty” is embodied by this gorgeous celebrity.

With the worldwide success of “Sex and the City: The Movie”, the prettiest and naïve woman in the foursome became thrust in to the spotlight once again.  Although Kristin has no other blockbuster project on her resume, she is easily one of the most searched actresses among the foursome.  With her classy good looks and onscreen charm, Kristin is definitely a hot commodity right now.  Sarah Jessica Parker is a superstar, that’s given.  But Kristin is well on her way if not already there!  With a huge fan base all over the world because of Sex and the City, she has assured herself of fame and popularity for years to come.

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What can be more exciting when you get to see your favorite female celebrity at their most unusual moment… and like Sex and the City star Kristin Davis, she too had her share of those revealing moments when she gets down on her knees and give one guy a good and hard blowjob and having her pretty face smothered with tons of sticky, musky male goo. This is one exciting package of nothing but the best and hottest cumshot photos of Kristin and we are sharing them all to you so you can feast your eyes with nothing but hard-pounding money shot moments with this hungry babe.

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Maybe Kristin Davis took her role as Charlotte York seriously and now more explosive pictures are starting to pop up once more and this time Kristin is caught doing some serious hanky-panky with several unknown dudes feeding her their hard pipes inside her gaping love holes! Steamy hardcore pictures of this Sex and the City star is what we have uncovered and they’re guaranteed 100% explicit. See Kristin go through some of the hottest hardcore fucking sex play that will definitely make you drool with excitement and I’m sure the entire planet would be curious enough to see what Kristin can do during her spare time… and we got them all in one fantastic photo set that is all set to blow our mind!

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She may be this sort of naïve woman that you get to see often on Sex and the City as she plays the character of Charlotte York but in real life, Kristin Davis isn’t that naïve at all and we were surprised to learn that she can be as hot and fiery as Samantha Jones (played by Kim Cattrall) when it comes to taking off her clothes and posing for the camera. There is a huge treasure trove of images featuring one naked Kristin Davis getting into an array of provocative poses and we have collected each and every one of them for you to see and feast your eyes on with one very different Kristin that no one else ever knew.

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